The Nichols Family.

Rekindled friendships have been my jam lately. I don’t know if its the heartwarming kindness and forgiveness, or the fact that although things may change through time – foundations of friendship and memories do not.

Bri and I started off as best friends in high school, and from there off and on throughout the years. Thankful for the time she drove over three hours at 2am in the snow during the birth of my oldest babe, and also for her forgiveness of the combination of immaturity + alcohol on another occasion. HAH! At the minimum, she’s a steadfast friend, fighting for people she loves, and Craig is the PERFECT match for her.

Although we missed some major moments together, I’m grateful I can be here for THIS moment. A witness to the miracle of Hadley – the sweetest rainbow babe I’ve ever met. Seeing you three together literally gave me chills, and going back through these photos puts tears in my eyes. I just love you both, and your relentless love for each other, something fierce. A love that shows in all your interactions, and radiates through your souls. Thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to docment your growing family, I’ll cherish it forever. xoxo – Chels





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